3DVis: Symposium on 3D Visualization Technologies in Cultural Heritage

3DVis: Symposium on 3D Visualization Technologies in Cultural Heritage

3DVis invites delegates with roles and interests in cultural heritage, from exhibition designers to content creators and educational staff, to join a discussion of the utilization, role, and impact of 3D visualization technologies in contemporary cultural heritage practice

This free, two-day, event is sponsored by the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and the University of Warwick, to take place over the 1st and 2nd of December 2020. It will feature speakers from industry, practice, and academia to share their experiences and applications of 3D visualization methods, including 3D printing, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented and Mixed Reality (A/MR) and others amongst subject experts. 3DVis will provide a forum for sharing expertise across cultural heritage and museology and help to bring together disparate corners of cultural heritage practice that rarely interact.

3DVis will have a diverse array of speakers from all quarters of cultural heritage and museology, including talks on the subjects of:

  • Applications of 3D Visualization in Cultural Heritage.
  • Research into 3D Visualization Methods.
  • Theoretical Discussions on the Role of 3D Visualization Methods in Cultural Heritage.
  • Teaching and Learning with 3D Visualization Tools.

The event will be spread over the 1st and 2nd December 2020 and will be punctuated by three invited keynote speakers over three sessions, bringing them together again for a panel discussion to round out the event:

Session 1 (01/12/20): 3D Visualization in the Humanities: Prof. Daniela Petrelli (Sheffield-Hallam University) will open up the first session, talking about her experiences with virtual reality in museums and cultural heritage, the positives and negatives therein and how they influence the perception of audiences. The remainder of the session will be dedicated to applications of 3D visualization in the humanities.

Session 2 (01/12/20): 3D Visualization in the Natural Sciences: Dr. Imran Rahman (Oxford University Museum of Natural History) will lead the next session, highlighting the value of 3D visualization for STEM education within the natural sciences. The rest of the session will concern applications of these exciting technologies for public engagement within the sciences.

Session 3 (02/12/20): 3D Visualization and Industries: The third session will be headed by Thomas Flynn (Sketchfab), who will speak on the Sketchfab platform, their key projects in cultural heritage and key developments in 3D visualization technology. The remainder of the session will feature key companies in the visualization industry from around the UK, who will share their experiences on the subject.

Session 4 (02/12/20): The Future of 3D Visualization in Cultural Heritage: The day will finish with a panel discussion entitled ‘The Future of 3D Visualization in Cultural Heritage’, bringing together each of the keynote speakers to discuss how the role of 3D visualization technologies will influence cultural heritage practice in the years to come and the impact of recent events, particularly COVID-19, upon it.


Registration is free and will be open up until the first day of the event. To register, please use the following link and register for each of the sessions you are interested in.

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