Dinosaurs and Art

megalosaurus  dinosaurs and art event image

Join us for an evening under the dinosaurs exploring how art has shaped our impressions of these amazing creatures with Dr Will Tattersdill and Dr Verity Burke from Birmingham University, and Dr David Button, a dinosaur researcher at the Natural History Museum. 

Taking place in the heart of the Museum between the casts of the Iguanodon and T-Rex, among displays featuring the Museum’s famous Oxfordshire dinosaurs, this evening event includes talks and workshops from across the sciences and humanities, focussing on the role art plays in how we think about dinosaurs. 

From musing about Megalosaurus, to taking a closer look at the constructed nature of the Museum’s spaces and paleontological displays, this event will inspire and encourage you to get thinking about how artists influence our understanding of the deep past and the dinosaurs that once roamed. 

£8 adults, £6 students/concession

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