Don't walk on the rocks! Free, online webinar

This online evening talk by Dr Jack Matthews will explore the increasingly important field of geoconservation – the practice of protecting important geological features. A site may be selected because of its educational, scientific, historic, cultural, or aesthetic importance. But once we’ve identified them, how can we best conserve our planets geological treasures? In this talk Dr Matthews will give an overview of the topic, before sharing some of his recent research which is shaping conservation policy at the Mistaken Point UNESCO World Heritage Site in Newfoundland – home to the oldest animal fossils in the world, some of which are showcased in our First Animals exhibition.

Dr Jack Matthews is a geologist at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, and currently holds an Oxford Policy Exchange Network Fellowship. Jack’s research focuses on the conservation of geological heritage, using novel techniques to monitor internationally significant sites and then create evidence-based conservation policy. Jack works with scientists, artists, policy makers, and communities to improve protection, increase understanding, and support sustainable geotourism. As well as this, Jack continues his research into the stratigraphic and environmental contexts of the appearance of the first animals.

Suitable for adults and young people – beginners and experts welcome!
Speakers will start with the basics before introducing their specialist field of expertise.

Free, but advance booking required.