Drawn to Nature: Beetles

In a year where people have found increasing solace in, and drawn creative inspiration from the natural world, we invite you to participate in and enjoy Drawn to Nature: Insects.  Join Museum Collections Assistant, Rob Douglas, to hear about the natural history and conservation status of some of the planet’s most varied and important creatures, the insects, before taking a chance to draw your own using the Museum’s specimens as inspiration with Q+A’s in this online, interactive science and art workshop. Make sure to have your art materials to hand!

Rob Douglas is a Life Collections Assistant who works with the Entomology and Zoology collections. Rob has responsibility for a variety of orders including the Coleoptera (Beetles), Hemiptera (True Bugs) and Small orders. Rob works processing loans and enquiries for the museum for students and researchers all over the world. He also heads up the glamorous integrated pest management program for the museum, helping to maintain the collections for future generations. His main areas of interest include Carabidae (Ground) beetles and Cerambycidae (Longhorn) beetles. When time allows, Rob takes great joy in re-curating the historic Baden-Sommar Cerambycidae (Longhorn Beetle) collection.

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