Facets of Nature

See our most beautiful gemstones and find out what makes them sparkle in this interactive lecture.

Why does a gemstone look so fantastic? Take a bit of rock, a special bit of rock, and it is possible to turn it into a thing of beauty. This is the art of Faceting. But it’s not just art, it’s a blend of chemistry, physics, engineering, perseverance and skill. This talk will introduce you to how a gemstone is made and what makes a piece of rock come to life full of sparkle, fire and brilliance. This talk will be given by our on Collections Manager and a member of the UK Facet Cutters’ Guild. Have a look at the machines that do this magical transformation, see examples of 'before and after’ stones. Includes a chance to handle replicas of some of the world's most valuable diamonds.

Suitable for adults and young people, book your free place now.