Genome Detectives Launch Event

Join us for the launch of our new citizen-science project and take a trip down the double helix (that's DNA!). 


Become a Genome Detective by helping us classify important features of genes from more than 100 disease-causing bacteria and contribute to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. We will show you how anyone can be a Genome Detective – no prior scientific knowledge is required. You just need a computer, an internet connection, and some curiosity to start hunting through genomes! This event is aimed at people aged 14 years or older.

This is a free 'hybrid' event but you will need to register for both in-person or online attendanceJoin us in-person at Oxford University Museum of Natural History at 19:00, or online at 19:30 to watch short presentations from the comfort of your own home using Zoom.

If you are joining us in-person at the Museum, you will also be able to...

  • Try out the Genome Detectives project for yourselves (with our help!)
  • See how we grow, observe, and research bacteria that cause disease
  • Learn how to extract DNA from fruit
  • Participate in DNA-based quizzes
  • Come and meet the scientists working in infectious disease research
  • Enjoy our light refreshments

This event is supported by the Wellcome Trust