Good Natured: The Conservation Optimism Film Festival

Conservation Optimism Film Festival

As nature erodes and the response of human systems is inadequate or destructive, it can seem like the only rational response is despair. Yet if you zoom in from the big picture, a mosaic appears; in amongst the stories of loss there are inspiring stories of regeneration and positive change, with nature making a difference in people’s lives, and people valuing and nurturing their natural environment.

Conservation Optimism presents an evening of artistic performances showcasing inspiring and empowering stories from across the natural world, followed by a screening of prize-winning short films from the Conservation Optimism Short Film competition. The event will end with the announcement of the winners and with a short panel discussion between the festival judges on the importance of filmmaking in conservation. Find out more about the competition here

Alongside the film festival and throughout the weekend, Shoal and Conservation Optimism will be presenting an exhibition of the winning entries from the Lost Fishes Art Challenge, showcasing some of the best images of species from Shoal's Search for the Lost Fishes campaign. These 'Lost Fishes' are a selection of freshwater fishes that have not been recorded in over a decade, but which have not been declared Extinct. Shoal will launch expeditions to try find the species and, once found, will install a conservation programme to bring them back from the brink of extinction. Learn more at

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Festival timetable: 

6-7pm: Art Exhibition
7-7:05pm: Welcome
7:05-8:15pm:- Screening of the films
8:15-8:25pm: Short Break / Voting Time
8:25-8:50pm: Awards & Panel Discussion
8:50-9:00pm: Wrap up