Ruskin 200 Drawing Weekend

To launch the Museum's Ruskin 200 Art Competition the Museum held an arty weekend offering a chance to take inspiration from the Museum building and its collections. 

Artists from Fusion Arts held drop-in workshops throughout the weekend, taking inspiration from the Museum’s collections and architecture, moving around the Museum space throughout each day. They shared techniques and advice on how to capture the Museum on paper.

fusion arts artist led workshop using black paper and white pencil1000
fusion arts artist led workshop1000

Over 200 people participated in our large communal floor drawing of the Museum’s façade, including the Museum’s famous swift tower and carved windows – adding a menagerie of creatures to the building and skies. 

communal floor drawing from our ruskin 200 drawing weekend1000


Our watercolour station, offering the opportunity to get creative depicting a colourful still-life display of taxidermy animals and paper foliage was also popular. John Ruskin used watercolour in his own artworks and also advocated drawing from the direct observation of nature. 

watercolour artwork of birds still life from ruskin 200 drawing weekend1000
watercolour artwork of jay still life from ruskin 200 drawing weekend1000
watercolour artwork of squirrel still life from ruskin 200 drawing weekend


If you are interested in creating art inspired by the Museum’s building and its collections then check our Ruskin 200 webpage for up-to-date information on upcoming activities running throughout 2019.

You are also very welcome to come independently to draw at the Museum in opening hours. Please note that only pencils are permitted for drawing in the museum generally.