Specimen Standoff

Specimen Standoff

We all know that fossils are amazing… but which fossil is the most amazing of them all?

At the Specimen Standoff our two teams of palaeontological researchers will be competing against each other in a battle to convince you – the audience – that their specimen, and their team, is the best of them all!

Each researcher will take a turn in the spotlight and will present their fossil specimen, explaining what it is, how they study it, and why it’s so important. This will be a really fun, fast paced event where you will have the opportunity to learn about the amazing research taking place at universities from across the country, to vote for your favourite fossil, and to name one of our teams victorious.

Are euconodonts the most exciting? Or will you be charmed by a Charnia?

Vote for your favourites on the night!

Free, but must book.


Suitable for adults and young people – accessible to all.

6.00pm doors open for viewing of the First Animals exhibition
6.30pm event begins in the Lecture Theatre