Super Science Saturday: Oceans

Meet real scientists to find out what’s been going on in the oceans over millions of years.

We've got a whole raft of interactive activities to help kids enjoy the science of our oceans.

Ages 8+

We've got lots of interactive activities giving you the opportunity to explore the oceans.

Make, experiment and get hands-on with science. 

  • Make your own narwhal to take home

Find out why they have tusks and how people have used their tusks to create objects. 


  • Did you know water striders can walk on water?

Explore why they can do this and make your own water strider to test this out. 


  • Help create a house that will withstand coastal erosion.

How does coastal erosion happen and why. What can we do to help?


  • Listen to sounds of the sea and try to work out which animals is making them.

Meet a scientist who spends a lot of their time at sea studying marine animals to understand how they live. 


  • Study sea eco systems and work out who is eating who in the food chain

Plankton are a crucial to the ocean food chains, what do they eat and who eats them?


  • Find out about plastic pollution on the remote island of Aldabra

including what effects plastic pollution is having on this island, watch a documentary to see more. 


  • What even IS a mollusc?

See real museum specimen to understand these mysterious creatures and what they look like. 


  • Meet scientists who are using jellyfish genes to fight cancer