The Return of the Pine Marten

Johnny’s talk will describe his time on the trail of the pine marten in Britain ever since he joined the Vincent Wildlife Trust in 1993.  His studies initially focused on recording the vanishingly sparse populations hanging on in the wilder parts of England and Wales; more recently he has been involved in the development of den boxes for long-term monitoring of pine martens in Galloway Forest; he and his scat detection dog Dooley have assisted with pine marten distribution surveys in Scotland; he has helped with the translocation of Scottish pine martens to boost the struggling population in mid-Wales; and he has promoted the use of sustainable ways of resolving conflicts between pine martens and people in Scotland and Ireland, where certain interests are keen to brand the recovering pine marten as a pest.  All this and more is described with humour and passion in his book on Pine Martens, published by Whittet in late 2017 - (signed copies will be available to buy on the evening)

This event is organised by the Oxfordshire Mammal Group; free for members or £3 for non members (collected on the night). Drop in.