What Killed the Dinosaurs? A Science Musical for families

what killed the dinosaurs poster a4 may

65 million years ago the dinosaurs were wiped out. But what killed them? The Geological Investigations Department has been tasked with solving this mystery and we need your help to collect the evidence to crack the case!

Join us for this immersive show, packed with science, songs and a spot of mild peril!

Matthew Kemp and Roberta Wilkinson are PhD students in Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford and are returning to the stage with their latest show. They have been studying geology and singing together for five years and are fusing their passion for science and music as Geologise Theatre - All the world’s a stage!

Each individual attendee must purchase a ticket, adults and children of all ages including under 5s must book a place. Recommended age 7+.

Please note that you will not be able to take pushchairs into the Lecture Theatre but they can be left in the Museum Porch. Tickets £3.

Book now.