HOPE for the Future Project Learning

HOPE for the Future is a three-year project at Oxford University Museum of Natural History funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The project is named after Frederick William Hope, an important entomologist in the 1840s. The museum houses a vast collection of Hope's British insects.

The aims for the project include to nurture and enthuse children and young people about natural sciences generally and insects in particular, and to explore how our British Insect collections and expertise could support and enhance science learning in and out of school, building the next generation of scientists. 


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Six Legs of Summer

Explore British Insects with our Virtual Summer School

Find out more about British insects as part of the HOPE for the Future project with our virtual summer school, Six Legs of Summer! Each of the six legs challenges you to try out an exciting insect-based activity and have fun along the way! Have a go at designing your own insect, learn how to take fabulous photographs of our six-legged friends and create a game of lifecycles. These and other exciting challenges will be revealed each day beginning 3rd August! Share what you have been up to on social media @morethanadodo or email hopelearning@oum.ox.ac.uk



Learning Resources for Schools and Home

We have developed the following digital resources to support teachers and parents with learning at school and at home. The resources are for use with Key Stage 2 and 3 students.

If you use any of these resources we would really appreciate your feedback on how they have been used.

If you would like these resources in another format, or would like to find out more about the HOPE for the Future project please contact us at hopelearning@oum.ox.ac.uk.