Career profile: Krista Baker, Front of House Manager

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I began working at the Museum of Natural History as the Front of House Manager in 2016. Since then the museum has given me a lot of training in management and leadership, allowing me to shape my management style over time and helping me to build my role. Before this, I worked at Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre as a VSA and the Marketing and Development Officer whilst finishing up an MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies at the University of Manchester. 

My first step into museum life was through volunteering. Over the years, I spent a lot of time volunteering in museums and art galleries around the North West; this was invaluable as experience leading towards my chosen career, it gave me an insight into different museums and how they operate but also allowed me to develop skills in explaining, conservation and communication and gave me key contacts within the museums. 

My top tip for anyone choosing museums as a career is to try and get as much volunteer experience as possible. It’s also really valuable to have experience in other areas too, so finding customer service opportunities and employment in other fields. When we’re hiring new staff this is one of the things we look for - if they’ve worked in a place where we know there is good customer service we expect that person will fulfil the role well.