Activity: Identifying bees

There are over 250 species (types) of bees in the UK! In order to find out about the bees near you, ‘Get to know your bees’ with this HOPE for the Future activity set.

Try the ‘What bee do you see’ quiz below to learn about some of the bees in the UK, and how you can tell them apart. Don’t worry if you’ve never identified a bee before - you will be given hints to help you! Or, download an accessible version of the quiz below here.


You can find out more about identifying bumblebees on the Bloom for Bees website, or learn how to identify honeybees and solitary bees (bees with no Queen or colony) on the Friends of the Earth website.

Once you have practiced identifying bees, try this ‘Bee experiment’ activity from the Hope for the Future programme to discover which kinds of bees visit you at different times of day! You can also use your skills to see what kinds of bees come to visit your bee hotel!