Bee Finger Puppets

Create your own bee finger puppets using these simple instructions

You will need:

  • Print the printable craft page onto card or you could print onto paper then stick it onto card (e.g. cereal box) to stiffen
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Yellow coloured pencil or pen
  • 4 paper cupcake cases (could also make wings out of paper)

How to make:

  • Print out the bee puppets printable craft page.
  • Colour the bees in yellow.
  • Cut the bees out and their finger loops.
  • Fold each cupcake in half, then in half again to make the wings. Glue each wing to the back of the bees. Each bee should have 2 wings.
  • Glue each end of the finger loop, leaving the middle free of glue (this is where your finger goes through). Glue the loops onto the back of each bee.


Download the printable craft page




photo of completed bee finger puppets

Completed Bee Finger Puppet