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ev sorting game

Photo credit to Dr Ellie Beaman

The Carter-Pink group (click here for Carter-Pink Group's webpage) is interested in Extracellular vesicles (EVs) which are small lipid-bound packages of information that are released and taken up by cells. The release and uptake of EVs are important in intercell communication and there is experimental evidence for the potential of EVs to be used as a therapeutic or diagnostic. The uptake of EVs carrying treatment offers a targeted therapy whilst the release of biomarker carrying EVs from diseased cells provides a means of diagnosis.

The Carter-Pink group have run several successful PE activities where you can learn more about EVs, for example, with their virtual reality (VR) experience (which can also be viewed here), building an EV monster as well as playing their “EV sorting game” and decoding messages released by EVs (all resources are freely available here).

Oxford Brookes University has over 150 years of history. We started out as a small School of Art in borrowed teaching rooms and have grown into one of the UK's top modern universities with a local, national and international reputation for teaching and research excellence. For over 10 years Oxford Brookes have run the Science Bazaar, a day where we open our doors to the local community and share research in fun, messy and exciting ways! See here for a video detailing the research behind the Science Bazaar this year! 

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