Ollie the Octopus Mask


Ready-made octopus mask

Make your own Ollie the Octopus mask!

An octopus has eight arms covered in suckers. They are “arms” rather than “tentacles”, as a tentacle only has suckers at the tip. An octopus has powerful suckers along the entire length of its limbs, helping the octopus to grip, touch and taste.

Because octopuses don’t have bones, they can squeeze through an opening as small as a £1 coin!

To make the Ollie the Octopus mask you will need

•    Two pages of card to print craft onto - could print onto paper then stick onto card
•    Arms (on page 2)
•    Colouring materials
•    Glue
•    Scissors
•    Elastic or string

Download the printable template