Polymer Diversity

Polymer Diversity

Polymers are materials that are used to make lots of different items: from car parts, to mattresses, and food packaging. They are made from long chains, formed by joining smaller pieces together called monomers. Polymers can be made from lots of different resources from the natural world, such as oil and plants, such as lemons or sugar.

It is important to make polymers that do not pollute the environment. This protects animal homes (habitats) such as our oceans, which are home to a huge range of creatures. Polymer scientists work to create new materials that meet human needs whilst protecting the diversity of our natural world. 

Here, you will learn how polymers are made, how to recycle them, and you will be able to make your own polymer model! Plus, you can meet some polymer scientists and find out what they love about their work!

If you cannot use the interactive below, click here to download an accessible document that has all the information.


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