Steven Williams

Steven is part of the HOPE team who are working on the NLHF Hope for the Future "Move a Million" project to recurate the 1 million specimens that are currently stored in the Westwood room in OUMNH. Daily tasks mainly include recuration and relabelling of specimens; photography of drawers for posterity and online use; public outreach and transportation of the completed drawers to new secure off-site housing. Completion of the task will see the collection transformed into an accessible resource for worldwide researchers.

Steven has had many years of experience working on historical and modern entomological and arachnological collections, both professionally and as a volunteer. In 2015 he completed a major recuration of the British Entomological and Natural History Society's (BENHS) British Coleoptera collection; including Joy's historical collection. He also recurated Frederick Smith's historical British Hymenoptera collection at OUMNH amongst other previous work at the museum.
Steven holds a BA Hons in Humanities with Literature from the Open University and is currently working towards finishing his PhD (part-time) in tropical spiders at Oxford Brookes University.