Mammoth tusk (PAL-QT.00097_BT.9)

Mammoth tusks and cocktail sticks

The delicate arts of collections management...


Bee ID course

A great chance to learn how to identify British bees in a two-day course with specialist Steven Falk.

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A selection of some of the most important specimens and displays in the Museum, chosen by our collections managers

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Research at the Museum

 Our research spans four main themes: animal origins, arthropod evolution, digital morphology, and heritage, society and culture

Dodo's skull

Highlight object: the Oxford Dodo

Extinct, flightless, and iconic, the dodo is the world's most famous extinct bird; the remains kept here are one of our greatest treasures

Martin Garwood - Swift

Swifts in the Museum tower

Every year, swifts return to the UK after their long migration from Africa; for years, the Museum tower has been a favourite nesting site, and our live camera reveals the nesting birds inside

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