Public Engagement with Research

Oxford University Museum of Natural History undertakes a wide range of activity to connect audiences with the research undertaken across the University of Oxford, and in collaboration with public engagement specialists across the institution. This activity spans  all modes of public engagement, from informing and inspiring visitors through to consulting and collaborating on future research, exhibition content, and citizen science.

Researchers from across the University worked with the Museum on our exhibition 'Bacterial World'. Incorporating more than 55 exhibits – spanning monumental art, geological and deep-sea specimens, film, and digital interactive displays – Bacterial World demonstrated how these tiny organisms wield huge influence over us, shaping the past, present and future of life on our planet.

In this video you can hear from some of the lead academics on the project on the benefits of working with us.


Our own Museum researchers worked on our exhibition ‘First Animals’, which explores the strands of evidence for Earth’s mysterious early animals. In this video you can hear from some of the lead researchers on the project about their work in the context of the exhibition.

One of the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis is that our programme of talks related to the exhibition had to move online, which has helped to develop a truly international audience for our research. Many of the talks and other content from the exhibition can be enjoyed in our First Animals playlist.


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