Bee Finger Puppets

Make your own buzzy bee finger puppet at home with this fun family craft.

To make this craft, you will need:

  • Bee finger puppet printable template, printed onto thin card, or onto paper (which you can stick onto card)
  • Yellow pencil or pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • 4 white, paper cupcake cases or white paper to make the wings
photo of completed bee puppets


  1. Print out the bee puppets printable craft page.
  2. Colour the bees in yellow.
  3. Cut out the bees and finger loops.
  4. Fold each cupcake case in half two times to make the wings.
  5. Glue each wing to the back of the bees. Each bee should have two cupcake cases attached to it.
  6. Glue each end of the finger loops together, leaving the middle free of glue (this is were your finger goes though).
  7. Attach the finger loops to the back of each bee.


Download printable template

Image of bees taken by Boba Jaglicic