Dodo Christmas Decoration

Create your own Museum-inspired Christmas decoration to hang on your tree. Forget a partridge in a pear tree... try this dodo in a Christmas tree!

To make this craft, you will need:

  • Dodo Christmas Decoration printable template, printed onto paper or thin card
  • Colouring materials and collage materials (e.g. feathers, sequins)
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • A piece of string, thread or ribbon
Dodo christmas decoration



  1. Cut out the two dodos, being careful not to cut over the dotted line in-between the two tails.
  2. Colour in and decorate the two dodos.
  3. Before you fold/stick the two dodos together, back-to-back, secure a piece of thread, string or ribbon inside using sticky tape.
  4. Squawk! Your dodo is ready to go on the Christmas tree.

Download printable template




Nicobar pigeon

Nicobar pigeon, the dodo's closest living relative



Dodo model on display

Reconstruction of a dodo


The dodo is one of the most treasured specimens in the Museum's collections. The dodo is now extinct, meaning there aren't any more living on the planet. The last sighting of a dodo was in 1662. The Museum has the only surviving remains of dodo soft tissue that exists anywhere in the world. The dodo's closest living relative today is the colourful Nicobar pigeon, which we think would also look fantastic on the Christmas tree! Find out more about the dodo.