Christmas STEM Activities 2021

Three mornings of free talks and activities based on nature the natural world with University experts for Year9 students.
7th, 9th and 10th December 2021. The programme runs from 10am until 12.30pm each day and includes short talks and activities.

Tuesday 7th December: Brilliant Biodiversity 

Person in a shiny silver volcanologist suit

Talk 1 Christmas Party Animals  

For many, Christmas is the time to enjoy the atmosphere of a good party. There are many lessons to be learnt about the science of a good party from the animal kingdom. Find out about the vast array of adaptations that allow living things to save their energy, get noticed at the right times, and live life to the full. 

Talk 2 The Wonder of British Insects  

From the tiniest wasp to the chunky stag beetle, British insects are incredibly diverse and important for people and nature. TV Presenter and insect expert George McGavin talks about insects that have fascinated him during his long and exciting career. 


Thursday 9th December: The Earth and Beyond  

Talk 1 Lava in the Lab   

Volcanoes can either erupt violently, blowing ash high into the atmosphere, or quietly with creeping lava flows. Volcanoes are remarkable and dangerous natural phenomena that provide a window into the world below the Earth’s crust. Find out about the people that study volcanoes and the methods they use.  

Talk 2 Galaxy Zoo: From the lab to your living room

What if you could do science from the comfort of your own living room? What if that science was helping to figure out how the entire Universe has evolved?  Join us for a journey through some of the ground-breaking results that have come from the online astrophysics project, Galaxy Zoo, showing just how powerful the crowd really can be. 

Wednesday 11th December: Conservation Optimism  

Talk 1 Think Sharks are Scary?  

Sharks, rays and skates are ancient, super-diverse and one of the most threatened species groups. Important shark conservation and controlled fishing policies studied at Oxford University protect these apex predators, our ocean ecosystems and fishing economies worldwide. 

Talk 2 Good Natured   

In amongst the stories of biodiversity loss there are inspiring stories of regeneration and positive change, with nature making a difference in people’s lives, and people valuing and nurturing their natural environment. Hear the inspiring stories from across the natural world and see a selection of prize-winning short films from the Conservation Optimism Short Film competition.  

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