Natural Dye Workshop

Spend the day with natural dye specialist Kate Turnbull, learning how to dye fabric using locally foraged plants and kitchen biowaste.


This hands-on workshop will also guide you through ways in which you can reduce water consumption during the dyeing process, and use your exhausted dye baths to colour additional fabrics and eventually compost back into your garden to enrich your soil.

All materials will be provided, and you will get to take your work home with you. Refreshments will be available throughout the day, but please provide your own lunch.There is also Museum café on-site and a number of food providers within a 10-minute walk.


The Museum will be open from 10am, but the workshop space will be open at 10.25am.


Tickets cost £70 for an adult and £60 for a student (proof of studentship required). Make sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment.


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About the tutor

Kate Turnbull is natural dyeing practitioner, educator and advocate. Kate has an MA in Fashion & Textiles from Central St Martins, is honoured to be represented by The Guild of Master Craftsmen and is a member of The Society of Dyers and Colourists

Accessibility information


Wheelchair accessible?


Hearing loops?





Yes - but please make your own arrangements for lunch

Flashing lights?


Loud noises?



For more information, please visit our accessibility webpage, or contact Kelly Richards.




Artist Kate Turnbull in her dyeing workshop
Labelled swatches of fabric dyed with different plants including onions, cherry blossoms, and ferns
Fabric being boiled in a saucepan with leaves to create a natural dye
Swatches of fabric that have been dyed red, yellow, green, and purple using natural dyes


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