John Ruskin Bicentenary

Ruskin 200

John Ruskin, one of the leading art critics of the 19th century, was a strong influence on the design and decoration of the Museum's building. To celebrate 200 years since Ruskin's birth, in 2019 the Museum is hosting a series of special events throughout the year.

The Museum is a striking example of Victorian neo-Gothic architecture. Thanks to Ruskin's connections with a number of eminent Pre-Raphaelite artists, its design and decoration now stand as prime examples of the Pre-Raphaelite vision of science and art. Ruskin even sketched his own designs for windows in the building's façade.

Our Ruskin 200 programme provides a variety of opportunities to creatively explore and reflect on Ruskin’s legacy in the Museum today.

Explore Ruskin’s legacy at the Museum

Read more about the history of the Museum’s architecture and the Pre-Raphaelitesshare your artworks using #MNHArtComp on social media, and follow the wider activities this year using #Ruskin200.

Top banner image: WA1931.47 John Ruskin, Design for a Window in the University Museum, Oxford. Image copyright Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford.