Out of the deep videos

These videos reveal the stories behind the Out of the Deep specimens. Meet the palaeontologists who discovered and researched the plesiosaurs, the skilled Museum team uncovering the fossils, and the scientists using cutting edge technology to see deep inside the rock nodules.


The Peterborough Discovery

Carl Harrington of the Oxford Clay Working Group describes the incredible moment he uncovered a huge plesiosaur skeleton.



Revealing an ancient reptile

Juliet Hay, Earth Collections conservator at the Museum, demonstrates the painstaking process of removing a plesiosaur skull from its rocky surroundings. 


Understanding Plesiosaurs

Dr. Hilary Ketchum, Earth Collections manager at the Museum, shares what we know about plesiosaurs and what future research may reveal. 



Hidden in the Rock

Professor Mark Williams of WMG at Warwick Univeristy explains how CT scanning is being used to reveal fossils hidden inside rock nodules. 



The Yarnton Discovery

Philip Powell talks about the moment he discovered a short-necked plesiosaur and how the huge fossil was brought back to the Museum.



Scanning and Sharing

Steph Wright, Museum intern and Oxford University biology student, describes how she scanned every bone on the long-necked plesiosaur and how this data can help research.