Peacock Headdress

Male peafowl are known as peacocks. They use their colourful tails and head feathers to attract female mates. Can you make a headdress as snazzy as a real-life peacock?

To make this craft, you will need:

  • Peacock headdress printable template, printed onto paper or thin card
  • Colouring materials and collage materials (e.g. feathers, sequins)
  • A long strip of card or stiff paper to go around your head
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stapler
Girl wearing paper peacock headdress


  1. Measure the strip of paper around your head to make sure it fits you. Staple together at the back to make a band.
  2. Decorate and cut out the peacock head.
  3. Put glue all over the back of one of the peacock heads but stop near the bottom of the neck.
  4. Press the two peacock heads together to make double-sided head which is separate at the bottom of the neck.
  5. Fold back the glue tabs on the base of the neck and apply glue. Fix the glue tabs onto the hat band to hold the head in place, looking outward (forward).
  6. Decorate and cut out the tail fan.
  7. Staple the tail fan inside the hat band, opposite the peacock head. Stapling the tail halfway down the band will mean that, once it is on your head, the tail will stand upright.
  8. Strut your stuff like a peacock!


Peacock headdress