Malgosia Nowak-Kemp

Before her retirement in 2015, Malgosia was the collections manager for the Museum's zoology collections. After retirement, she completed a doctorate on the role and function of zoological specimens over the past 400 years. She continues her research into the Museum's various collections and their collectors. Of particular interest to her are the natural history specimens of the original Tradescant Collection, and she has published two papers on the Oxford/Tradescant Dodo and the world’s oldest specimen of the warthog that was found in the Tradescant Collection. She is also interested in 19th-century collecting, usage and display of zoological specimens, and has published several papers on the subject. She has recently contributed a chapter about William Burchell to a forthcoming book about naturalists and field collecting, and is currently working on the history of George Williamson and the Amy Medical Department’s collection of human skulls.