Westwood Room

The Westwood Room is a stunning space with a rich history and beautiful Pre-Raphaelite design. The room is steeped in elegance, offering a unique and memorable setting for any event. Natural light pours in from the large windows, illuminating the space and highlighting its intricate details.

The room features a grand fireplace, ornate mouldings, and decorative paintwork that have been meticulously preserved to showcase the historical significance of the space. The warm, inviting atmosphere creates a sense of intimacy and charm that is perfect for hosting a variety of events.

Whether you're hosting a corporate dinner, wedding reception, or a private party, the Westwood room provides a unique and memorable setting for your guests offering versatility that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Accessibility: Full disabled access; first floor, access via lift.

Boardroom style: 25
Theatre style: 60