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Reconstruction of two Tragichrysa ovoruptora newborns

Newborn insects trapped in amber show first fossil evidence of how to crack an egg

20 December 2018

Computer illustration of a long-necked plesiosaur

Jurassic reptiles come Out of the Deep in new display

19 September 2018

Bacterial world exhibition

A new exhibition at the Museum of Natural History: Bacterial World

19 October 2018 – 28 May 2019

project insect find landscape

Primary school pupil’s rare beetle find is snapped up by Museum of Natural History

23 July 2018

anomalocaris final

Major fossil study sheds new light on emergence of early animal life 540 million years ago

21 May 2018

lrasdc launch 280

Operation Earth

8 February 2018 - New family science show tackles some of the biggest questions facing our planet


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